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Most Welcome to my homepage that will undergo some changes to make it more simple and clear!  
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Short presentation; Felicia Konrad f. 1964 artist voiceperfomer, singer/songwriter and culture project leader. Right now,  2017-2018  I am working mostly with I still live in water, an intuitive art project with theme water together with the artist Johan Haugen, and the project Voice Cloud, a workshop + Durationell Voice Performance. For 2018 I will start to prepare a voice solo performance/project. 

Amnotic Fluid Photo: Johan Haugen

Amniotic Fluid Photo: Johan Haugen



Autumn 2018 sept-nov 6 weeks, Amniotic Fluid – Exhibition at Tomelilla Konsthall sharing space with Jeanette Schäring /Who’s water are you? At the Opening we will do a performance together. For this exhibition Tomelilla Konsthall prepare a big pedagogic work with children and young people, but also workshops for grown-ups with theme water.  

2017 and continuing 2018

Precious Balance Walk
We started to invite other artists or people that relates strongly to water to do the walk with the water glass, “Precious Balance Walk” as a kind of inspiration for engaging, connecting, and communicating with water, exchanging stories and talking about our relation with water. The first was the artist Ignazio Perés Perés,Venezuela/Finland working with Global Performance Art Walks and as a Street Photographer. And then came Lisa Nyberg, doing her PhD in Wienna; Pedagogics for the Unknown and the third Matilde Real, teatre/performance artist Portugal, who not only did the “Precious Balance Walk” but also did a spontenous great short documentary about I still live in water! Matilde Real recently did her master about Utopia in Goldsmith University, London. 
Next will be either the dancers and coreographersJohanna Jonasson and Miguel Azcue, Memory Wax dance company, or Cecilia Nordlund, indiepop star. This is a wonderful and unexpected start to work for a film with the theme water balance which we have had in mind for a long time. 

Matilde Real and Felicia Konrad “Precious Balance Walk”, november 2017 Photo Johan Haugen

Autumn: A Mass for Water
Applied for project support at Kulturstöd, Malmö Sweden for “A mass for water”- 
These are the participating artists; Monica Gora, Erik Högstrom, Johan Haugen, Felicia Konrad, Andreas M. Larsson, Cecilia Nordlund, Tina Quartey. 

Summer 2017; august 13th performance at Ribersborg City Beach together with the artists Erik Högström, Andreas M. Larson, the dance artist Annou Nilson. The theme; check photos, event and comments; Water is instinct.Changing everything… us too. 

Water is instinct Performance Photo Noak Haugen Konrad

2017/01/26 Recieved nice letter from the Swedish Institute i Paris, they will keep our project in their backhead for the future after their rebuilding in 2017. 

LINKS to the soundpiece Love is an Ocean by Cosmic Wash Over
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Love is an Ocean was selected by the artist and curator Pascal Barett (Fra/B) for Water Works  2016 global online exhibition. Water Works is an initiative taken by the artist Suzon Fuks, Brisbane, supported for example by Australia Art Council. www.water-wheel.net


Walk with waterglass, 2016 (winter) Photo Johan Haugen

22/8 -1/9 Amniotic Fluid – Exhibition at Malmö Stadsbibliotek/Malmö City Library
Opening Performance kl 17.00,  A glass of water, please! – The water in your glass is maybe older than the sun.

15/10-13/11 Amniotic Fluid – Exhibition at Blå Ställets Konsthall, Angered, Göteborg.
Sharing space with the excellent artist Jeanette Schäring.
Opening Performance 13.00, A glass of water, please! – The water in your glass is maybe older than the sun.

Performance A glass of water, please! – The water in your glass is maybe older than the sun. (In the background the installation Who’s water are you? by Jeanette Schäring). Photo: Renée Timlin

The intuitive artproject I still live in water are working with water and creating in the creation and creating together with creation. Containing performance, visuals, film, music and soundpieces. Started 2014 I still live by Felicia Konrad voiceperformer and artist and the artist Johan Haugen. 2015 Two public site specific live performance 4 hour durational performance: “To carry water. To carry 5890 litres one day.” 30/5 Dome of Visions, Copenhagen, Denmark. Film by Christian Jönsson: To carry water. To carry 5890 litres one day . 9/8 at Ribersborgs City Beach in Malmö, Sweden. Film by Christian Jönsson: To carry water. To carry 5890 litres one day. Ribersborgs City Beach.
Made possible with support from Malmö Kulturstöd and Dome of Visions.

To carry water. To carry 5890 litres at Ribersborg.

In the last last minutes of the 4 hour durational piece To carry water. To carry 5890 litres one day, at Ribersborg beach, 9th of august, 2015. According to WWF an average swedish persons daily waterfootprint is 5890 litres of freshwater. Performance: Felicia Konrad, Johan Haugen, Speech: Catarina Rolfsdotter Jansson. Percussion: Martin Brandqvist, Emeli Ek, Emil Badjan Sjunnesson, Tina Quartey. Photo: Johan Haugen.

C O S M I C  W A S H  O V E R  www.cosmicwashover.com

Cosmic Wash Over playing at Goodnight Sun 2012 Photo: Johan Haugen

Live Short from Dome of Visions, Copenhagen 2016
Aprile 2015 Cosmic Wash Over released the album Wonderful Surreal 
Music in film: Electric Underground, CWO and the soundpiece Layers, Trapets in Monumentala Landskap och Mänskliga Spår

We play music for the whole consciousness.
The sky, the air, the water, the earth, the moon, the sun, the humans, the animals, the insects, the plants, the stones, the space and modern cyborgs … into the quantum level and the dark materia.

Cosmic Wash Over
Felicia Konrad vocals
Caroline Leander, piano & vocals
David Carlsson, bass
Peter Tegnér: guitar
Ann Falden, percussion; hang, cajun & vocals, electronica
Mats Persson: electronica ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::II


In the end of 2012 we were nominated to the “Golden Record” by Orkesterjournalen, and three days in Christmas our  “Grand Centrifuge” were  on the top tracks among friends of spotify together with known names and songs! Funny and surprising.

2012-12-25 11.40.29


Summer 2012: Two wonderful concerts; outdoor at Goodnight Sun, Malmö and at Nordic Watercolour Museum at Tjörn. Felicia Konrad, vocal, Caroline Leander, piano, vocal, David Carlsson, bass, Peter Tegnér, guitar, Ann Falden, hang, cajun, vocal, Mats Persson, electronica.



Felicia Konrad Cosmic Wash Over is the name of the album and the live constellation and a song on this album!

Starting as my solo project it quickly changed into a collaboration in my name, so it is Felicia Konrad Cosmic Wash Over together with Caroline Leander: composer, pianist, singer, Mats Persson: electronica, soundart, recordings, David Carlsson: bassist, sounds and the master, Robin Knutsson drummer and Peter Tegnér, guitarist. Two other fantastic musicians have contributed, Amit Sen, cello on the song Cosmic Wash Over and Petter Lindgård, trumpet on the song Falling right through.

Caroline Leander (Photo: Ulf Cederholm), Mats Persson: (Photo: Lina Sparring), David Carlsson (Photo: Johan Haugen), Robin Knutsson (Photo: Noak Haugen Konrad) and Peter Tegnér(Photo: Pelle Hybinette).

The whole process started when I, Mats and Caroline met the fist time and tested some of my sketches of coming material, and we recorded this first improvised session. The song Growing in Heart happened and shaped instantly in this session, and this very first take is on the album. This spontaneous, direct way of creating music became a guideline for our working process with the recording and mixing in the great place with a fantastic atmosphere, Gula Studion in Malmö, Sweden.

During these recordings the wonderful filmmaker Peggy Eklöf has filmed two music videos, In the days of foam, and Falling right through. The video In the days of foam is containing parts of the short film Mayte’s Magic Circus, made by the under water photographer, Zena Holloway, with the butohdancer Mayte Vaos. The video Falling right through is containing parts of the modern dance piece created by Memory Wax, Miguel Azcue and Johanna Jonasson.

First concert ever Victoriateatern mars 2011. Photo: Per Malmroth









From my heart, I thank you Caroline, without you this music would never happen. Mats, your ears and ideas are sharp! David, your magnetic bass and your ways of playing is remarkable. Robin, you are a brilliant drummer! Peter, thank you for coming in and letting us finally land in a full expression! All of you so rich and filled with magic, it is a pleasure to create music together with you! I also want to thank my dear friend Amit Sen, always a carismatic and astonishing cellist, and Petter Lindgård, trumpet, bringing the song Falling right through home with his soft and inventive way of playing. And to the filmmaker Peggy Eklöf, a very special thank you, you are a wonderful filmmaker!

And of course I thank my family, my husband. painter Johan Haugen and our son, the songbird Noak Haugen Konrad, and my mother Liss-Monica and my niece, Kajsa Lindberg Konrad, a young talented singer for sweet support and love. I also thank my friends who have listen to my first song sketches and supported me since. At last I thank my mentor and friend, Karin Boucher who helped me develop in such ways I can not describe, it goes way beyond.

And I am really greatful for the grants I recieved from the Swedish Artists Grants Comitté 2010.

I hope that this music will touch you!

Felicia Konrad