Cosmic Wash Over Release Wonderful Surreal INKONST 26th of Aprile 2015


PLACE: INKONST    TID: 19.00    INSLÄPP: 18.30      FRI ENTRÉ

Wonderful Su-real is more like an album to a film, with a larger scale of variety in the musical expressions, different from our first more direct flowing eclectic singersongwriting album, Felicia Konrad Cosmic Wash Over (2011Loud Mouth Records).

The inspiration source has been human perception and the great consciousness.
This opened an intuitive creative process, and inspirations from sources that has been surpricing….from high intensive punkrockpsykedelia, minimalistic modern chamber opera to dance techno electronica and latin jazz tango, some inspiration from Jimi Hendrix and the sound of the city of New York,  easy listening popmusic and vibrating improvisation.

We are now also working to create a certain concert for performing right now called Big Ear of Perception.

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