Music in film: The soundpiece Layers, Trapets in Monumentala Landskap och Mänskliga Spår. A film from 29 media about the artistic emodiment at the new City Hall in Kristianstad, “Region Rådhuset”.



Trapets concept and artsound project Give me your Sound is now officially documented in the book 2005 Kulturum 2010 ISBN 978-91-977722-3-5 which can be orded at: design@jacobravn.com But the book is also available on certain places, for instance Malmö Konsthall.  Film from the release of the book on Kulturum in Hammenhög, Sweden.

Summer 2009 Give me your Sound was done in the frame of  “Zimmerfrei” at Kulturum.
We invited people to come and make sounds with their voices which we recorded and cut to a soundpiece Give me your Sound-Hammenhög 11th july. Totally inspiring. Do you want to listen to this piece  myspace.
People participating with their voices in the piece: Kåge Klang, Mats Lidgren, Jenny Lundin, Charlotte Elm Ravn, Celestine Soumah, Marie Suese.


The new soundpiece Love is an Ocean is one track at the album Feilcia Konrad Cosmic Wash Over. The piece is based on a recorded improvised session from the studio, at Gula Studion together with David Carlsson, bass, Caroline Leander, piano and Robin Knutsson, drums.

13th July

We performed the piece Love is an Ocean at the the Goodnight Sun, together with the bassist David Carlsson. www.goodnightsun.se

Aprile/May, (Easter)

We created ”The Field” for the exhibition Jordberga Konstexpo curated by Alexandra Kostrubala. We performed ”Calls”, a performance produced for the exhibition on the opening night. www.jordbergakonstexpo.org  Jordberga konstexpo 2011

The Field / Trapets
1. All is light 7.58
2. Layers 5.48
3. In to the mystics 1.43 (trummor: Robin Knutsson)
4. Reincarnation/Karma  5.55
5. Growing 6.36

The Field.
Anyone can land here. Things grow and reveals from almost nothing.
All is light. Humans is made of stardust. The vibrations, the energies, the worlds and counsciousness in endless layer. In constant change. So the perception.
All is changing, transforming, even our past, our future and what we call the presence.
“We live in the wind of constant change”.



Parts of Blue Sky Rain Falls I is now in the short dance film Silence made by the dancecompany Memory Wax and the filmphotographer Javier Garcia. www.memorywax.com


We made a 14 minutes long sound art work for Peggy Eklöf’s first experimentel short film Blindfolded. Blindfolded was selected for screenings at Brussels Short Film Festival multimedia library on 2-6 May 2011 and at CFC Worldwide Short Film Festvial digital library 31 May-5 June 2011.  


We participated in the arrangement ”Tomelilla ser rött” doing a special version of our concept, Give me your sound, Tomelilla goes Lucia. We invited people to come and sing/or sound in the way they wanted, and if they wanted also sing their version of the song of Lucia. We cut togheter a soundpiece of that material, and the piece was installed outside the arthall and the library at Tomelilla for one month.


Piece: Give me your sound – Hammenhög 11th of july

People participating with their voices in the piece: Kåge Klang, Mats Lidgren, Jenny Lundin, Charlotte Elm Ravn, Celestine Soumah, Marie Suese.

We participated in the art-concept Zimmer Frei at the very inspiring gallery Kulturum (now closed) in Hammenhög with our new concept Give me your sound, letting people come and leave their vocal contributions a whole day and then using the material for a soundpiece.

Give me your sound is a long term artsound project investigating and communicating with what is underneath the speaking voice and the articulated language, giving space to the the wordless voice mass in our bodies. The voice is a vibrating mystery full of endless possibillities and variations in expression.  It can reveal surpricing experiences.

And as every fingerprint is unique, every voice is unique.

Our body is our resonance box. What comes out if we let it can be calls, screams, laugther, cry and so called primitive sounds that possible building up our capacity for language. It can be throatsinging, or jojking or ohter voice expressions that is connected to certain cultures. It can be rhythmic, specific, bodily. Some people manage to sound with two voices, some people have enormous range, some people have sharp intensity and so on.

Something happens when we start to play with it like children play with their voice.


We participated with Blue Sky Rain Falls I in a discrete sound project in Rya Skog, a nature reservat in Hisingen, Gothenburg. The project leader and initiator of the whole projcet was the musician Mikael Boijen.