Trapets Blue Sky Rain Falls 12th of July 2017. Spotify 
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Thank you David Carlsson, Gula Studion, for excellent master! 

Cover Painting Johan Haugen/Blue Sky Rain Falls

Each of our ambient poetic soundscapes have their own story.
Blue Sky Rain Falls I, participated in a Discret Sound project initiated by the composer Mikael Bojén, Gothenburg, and was specially created for a long time installation in a nature reserve in Rya Skog, Hisingen, Gothenburg surrounded by an industrial area.
Love Is An Ocean is an recorded improvisation by the group Cosmic Wash Over, that was specially sounddesigned by Mats Persson. Love Is An Ocean was selected by the artist and curator Pascal Barett (Fra/B) for Water Works  2016 global online exhibition; Water Works is an initiative taken by the artist Suzon Fuks, Brisbane, supported for example by Australia Art Council. Love is an Ocean Vocal Mix is in the filmed performance by the art project I Still Live in Water;  To carry water. To carry 5890 litres one day. Made by Christian Jönsson.
On the edge of beauty I, II, III, was created for the soundinstallation connected to the performance This is how you can be walking and falling at the same time/Felicia Konrad, for the gallery Kulturum, Hammenhög, Österlen, Sweden. Officially documented in the book 2005 Kulturum 2010 ISBN 978-91-977722-3-5 which can be orded at: But the book is also available on certain places, for instance Malmö Konsthall.

On The Edge Of Beauty later became a complete song and also name of the band Cosmic Wash Over.  Also a need to mention that composers and performers in Love is an Ocean are; Mats Persson, sounddesign, Felicia Konrad vocal and lyrics, Caroline Leander piano, David Carlsson bass, Robin Knutsson drums. Blue Sky Rain Falls II; except for Trapets also David Carlsson bass and Robin Knutsson drums. 

Trapets Felicia Konrad and Mats Persson

Watch and listen: Monumentala Landskap och mänskliga spår
Our soundpiece Layers is now in a film about the new artistic embodiment of new Rådhus Region Skåne (City Hall Skåne), made by 29 media, Peggy Eklöf and Theresa Bener. In the film you meet the artists; Fredrik Wretman, Gunilla Klingsberg and Christian Partos. The film and the trailer will be both on the webb and be installed in the Rådhus building.

Layers are recorded outdoor, a wordless singing and sounding into a very long, long metal cylinder that is buried underground, with the the two openings on each side in the free air. Layers is a part of our work “The Field”, that participated at Jordberga Konstexpo 2011, curator Alexandra Kostrubala. 

“Calls” (Felicia Konrad and Mats Persson, Trapets) Opening performance at Jordberga Konstexpo 2011 photo: Johan Haugen 


In march we participated with our first piece On the edge of beauty in Mikael Bojén’s work with “discret sounds” in the passage of Theatre Trixter in Gotheburg.

Concert 2012

Sunday  22/4 time: 15.00 : Kulturcentret Glassfabriken, Malmö.

40 minutes dreming concert.