Trapets Blue Sky Rain Falls digitally released

Trapets Blue Sky Rain Falls 12th of July 2017. Spotify 
Trapets=Mats Persson and Felicia Konrad facebook
Thank you David Carlsson, Gula Studion, for excellent master! 

Cover Painting Johan Haugen/Blue Sky Rain Falls

Each of our ambient poetic soundscapes have their own story.
Blue Sky Rain Falls I, participated in a Discret Sound project initiated by the composer Mikael Bojén, Gothenburg, and was specially created for a long time installation in a nature reserve in Hisingen, Gothenburg surrounded by an industrial area. Love is an Ocean is an recorded improvisation by the group Cosmic Wash Over, that was specially sounddesigned by Mats Persson. Love is an Ocean participated in Water Works, a global on-line exhibition initiated by the artist Suzon Fuks, Brisbane, Australia, Love is an Ocean was selected by the curator and sound artist Pascale Barret. Love is an Ocean Vocal Mix is in the filmed performance by the art project I Still Live in Water;  To carry water. To carry 5890 litres one day. Made by Christian Jönsson,  On the Edge of Beauty was our first piece, created for a performance by Felicia Konrad and installation in a small gallery in south of Sweden, Kulturum, Hammenhög, Sweden. On The Edge Of Beauty later became a complete song and also name of the band Cosmic Wash Over.  Also a need to mention that composers and performers in  Love is an Ocean are; Mats Persson, sounddesign, Felicia Konrad vocal and lyrics, Caroline Leander piano, David Carlsson bass, Robin Knutsson drums. Blue Sky Rain Falls II; except for Trapets also David Carlsson bass and Robin Knutsson drums. 

Trapets Felicia Konrad and Mats Persson

2016 I still live in water – exhibition

2016-17-18 I still live in water ONGOING Intuitive art project

LINKS to the soundpiece Love is an Ocean by Cosmic Wash Over
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Love is an Ocean was selected by the artist and curator Pascal Barett (Fra/B) for Water Works  2016 global online exhibition. Water Works is an initiative taken by the artist Susan Fuks, Brisbane, supported for example by Australia Art Council.

22/8 -1/9 Amniotic Fluid – Exhibition at Malmö Stadsbibliotek/Malmö City Library
Opening Performance kl 17.00,  A glass of water, please! – The water in your glass is maybe older than the sun.

16/10-15/11 Amniotic Fluid – Exhibition at Blå Ställets Konsthall, Angered, Göteborg.
Opening Performance;  A glass of water, please! – The water in your glass is maybe older than the sun.

Coming: Autumn 2018 Amniotic Fluid – Exhibition at Tomelilla Konsthall together with Jeanette Schäring.

2017/03/07 We have now supplied support for making an audiell work, music with water, and soundfiles for the Dialogues with water. Tomelilla Konsthall have a possibillity to work with audioguides and are also consciously working with to make exhibitions available for blind and visually impaired. For this exhibition they prepare a big pedagogic work with children and young people, but also workshops for grown-ups with theme water.  

2017/01/26 Recieved nice letter from the Swedish Institute i Paris, they will keep our project in their backhead, for the future after their rebuilding in 2017. 

The intuitive artproject I still live in water are working with water and creating in the creation and creating together with creation. Containing performance, visuals, film, music and soundpieces. Started 2014 I still live by Felicia Konrad voiceperformer and artist and the artist Johan Haugen. 2015 Two public site specific live performance 4 hour durational performance: “To carry water. To carry 5890 litres one day.” 30/5 Dome of Visions, Copenhagen, Denmark. Film by Christian Jönsson: To carry water. To carry 5890 litres one day . 9/8 at Ribersborgs City Beach in Malmö, Sweden. Film by Christian Jönsson: To carry water. To carry 5890 litres one day. Ribersborgs City Beach.
Made possible with support from Malmö Kulturstöd and Dome of Visions


2017 Plans. Working for making audiofiles to develop our exhibition Amniotic Fluid. And to make a film with theme To carry water, hopefully a collaborative film, containing and starting with our “Walk with waterglass”. 

Amnotic Fluid Photo: Johan Haugen

Amniotic Fluid Photo: Johan Haugen


I still live in water/The walk with waterglass Photo: Johan Haugen


Walk with waterglass – winter 2016, still from film: Johan Haugen

To carry water. To carry 5890 litres at Ribersborg.

In the last last minutes of the 4 hour durational piece To carry water. To carry 5890 litres one day, at Ribersborg beach, 9th of august, 2015. Performance: Felicia Konrad, Johan Haugen, Percussion: Martin Brandqvist, Emeli Ek, Emil Badjan Sjunnesson, Tina Quartey. Photo: Johan Haugen. (5890 litres of fresh water is one average swedish persons daily waterfootprint according to WWF)





Cosmic Wash Over moved to it’s own webpage

2016 Concert
20/4 2016 19.30-20.30 at the sensous building Dome of Visions, Copenhagen
free entry

Aprile 2015 Cosmic Wash Over released Wonderful Surreal
and moved to the webpage

Music in film: Electric Underground, CWO and the soundpiece Layers, Trapets in Monumentala Landskap och Mänskliga Spår

Felicia Konrad Cosmic Wash Over 23 juli Good Night Sun (Photo Johan Haugen)




Cosmic Wash Over Release Wonderful Surreal INKONST 26th of Aprile 2015


PLACE: INKONST    TID: 19.00    INSLÄPP: 18.30      FRI ENTRÉ

Wonderful Su-real is more like an album to a film, with a larger scale of variety in the musical expressions, different from our first more direct flowing eclectic singersongwriting album, Felicia Konrad Cosmic Wash Over (2011Loud Mouth Records).

The inspiration source has been human perception and the great consciousness.
This opened an intuitive creative process, and inspirations from sources that has been surpricing….from high intensive punkrockpsykedelia, minimalistic modern chamber opera to dance techno electronica and latin jazz tango, some inspiration from Jimi Hendrix and the sound of the city of New York,  easy listening popmusic and vibrating improvisation.

We are now also working to create a certain concert for performing right now called Big Ear of Perception.

Cosmic Wash Over congratulate, Four dreams and 1000 demolitions has been chosen to the Cannefestival!

We congratulate the filmmaker and director Peggy Eklöf, Theresa Bener, producer, 29 media and the director and producer Elzbieta Jasinska Brunnberg, Art Film Factory, their film Four dreams and 1000 demolitions has been chosen to go to the Cannesfestival, participating in the section Short Film Corner.

We also thank Peggy, Theresa and Elzbieta for choosing to have a piece of our song Beyond Reason in this film! Here comes a link to Spotify: Felicia Konrad – Beyond Reason

Cosmic Wash Over live recording from november 2014 featuring Bo Håkanson and finnish Antti Ohenoja

OOO! This is a wonderful live version listen to it on soundcloud: Cosmic Wash Over playing our “title song” Cosmic Wash Over featuring Bo Håkanson and the finnish Antti Ohenoja, on drums, marimba and chimes. A live video is coming later this spring!

Cosmic Wash Over were participating in Peter Tegnérs heartblowing concert at Victoriateatern, Malmö the 2econd of november 2014.

Faster than the speed of light Cosmic Wash Over mixing coming Wonderful Su-real

Soon mixing soon working again with our coming second album Wonderful Su-real, after the recording sessions the 4th-5th november at Gula Studion.
This album will be put together a bit like a filmmusic album, as we are lead by our inspiration theme; perception and concioussness, the music is very varied.

Songtitles: Electric Underground, Game is Over, Sea of Motion, Struck, Hypnagoga, Wonderful Su-real, I used to play by Instinct, Seven Ways, Appetite.

Faster than the speed of light (Game is Over) our music will spread in the atmosphere (smile) in aprile 2015…RELEASE.
Like this spaceship!



Peter Tegnér with guests on Victoriateatern 1st of november

Thank you Peter Tegnér ! It was a heartblowing experience and an inprint for life! I am so happy that I was a part of your wonderful concert! Magical people and music!

We completly nailed the song Cosmic Wash Over; me, David Carlsson, Caroline Leander, Peter Tegnér and our prominent guestmusicians, the drummers, Antti Ohenjo from Finland och Bo Håkansson. It was a tremendous live version, and the audience really answered to it, so much good confirmation and feedback. Pure happiness. And it has been both filmed and recorded. So we were lucky!
Peter Tegnér och gäster på Victoria Dygnet runt – Ulf Clarén, 29 oktober 2014

Musikern Peter Tegnér uppträder på Victoriateatern i Malmö nu på lördag, den 1 november, tillsammans med en lång rad gästartister. Från scenen kan han presentera Jaques Werup, Inge Petersson-Lindbäck, Caroline Leander, Jens Friis-Hansen, Jessica Ottosson, Kerim, Felicia Konrad, José Perelanga, Bo Håkansson, Antti Ohenoja, Annika Bjelk, David Carlsson, Åsa Gjerstad, och Erik Ask-Uppmark.