Peter Tegnér with guests on Victoriateatern 1st of november

Thank you  Peter Tegnér ! It was a heartblowing experience and a print in for life!
I am so happy that I was a part of your wonderful concert! Magic and magical music!
Peter Tegnér och gäster på Victoria Dygnet runt – Ulf Clarén, 29 oktober 2014

Musikern Peter Tegnér uppträder på Victoriateatern i Malmö nu på lördag, den 1 november, tillsammans med en lång rad gästartister. Från scenen kan han presentera Jaques Werup, Inge Petersson-Lindbäck, Caroline Leander, Jens Friis-Hansen, Jessica Ottosson, Kerim, Felicia Konrad, José Perelanga, Bo Håkansson, Antti Ohenoja, Annika Bjelk, David Carlsson, Åsa Gjerstad, och Erik Ask-Uppmark.

We completly nailed the song Cosmic Wash Over; me, David Carlsson, Caroline Leander, Peter Tegnér and our prominent guestmusicians, the drummers, Antti Ohenjo from Finland och Bo Håkansson. It was a tremendous live version, and the audience really answered to it, so much good confirmation and feedback. Pure happiness.

And it has been both filmed and recorded. So we were lucky!

Aprile 2015 Release of second album by Cosmic Wash Over

Aprile 2015 release of our second album!

We are moving on this autumn 2014, with creating and recording our second album (at Gula Studion, Malmö Sweden) It will be more like an album to a film, or like an artpiece, with a larger scale of variety in the musical expressions. Different from our first more direct flowing eclectic singersongwriting album, Felicia Konrad Cosmic Wash Over (2011).

We are working with inspiration from the theme human perception and the great consciousness, this is leading the process and we follow…from minimalistic modern chamber opera to dance/techno/electronica and some Jimi Hendrix inspiration..

Felicia Konrad och Caroline Leander; concert Copenhagen Songwriters Festival 16th of august

Felicia Konrad and Caroline Leander plays solomaterial and songs that they have made together at at Copenhagen Songwriter Festival på Beboerhusets scene 16 augusti 14.00 – 14.40. WELCOME!

Listen to one of our songs on spotify:
Felicia Konrad – Falling Right Through (Grandpiano and Vocal Version)

Felicia Konrad Photo: Aga Tobiasz

Felicia Konrad Photo: Aga Tobiasz



Music by Cosmic Wash Over and Trapets in the film of the artistic embodiment of the new Rådhus Region Skåne, Monumentala Landskap och mänskliga spår, film by Peggy Eklöf, 29 media

Watch and listen: Monumentala Landskap och mänskliga spår

A film about the artistic embodiment of the new Rådhus Region Skåne (City Hall Skåne),
made by 29 media, Peggy Eklöf and Theresa Bener. . In the film you meet the artists; Fredrik Wretman, Gunilla Klingsberg and Christian Partos. Our music is in the film; Electric Underground  which starting with the breathtaking bassolo by David Carlsson and Layers, a piece by me and Mats Persson, Trapets artsound duo.

Electric Underground live is released on spotify, and the recorded version is coming on the next Cosmic Wash Over album, Wonderful Su-real.

In Layers I sing into a very long, long metal cylinder that is buried underground, with the the two openings on each side in the free air. Layers is a part of our work “The Field”, that participated at Jordberga Konstexpo 2011.

Cosmic Wash Over Springtime Singel Release: Electric Underground live and Appetite

Springtime Digital Singel Release on Itune: Electric Underground and Apptetite
Also on Spotify, Amazon, Whimp, Grooveshark, Pleim, e-music …


Cosmic Wash Over in Gula Studion, from bottom: Felicia Konrad, Mats Persson, Caroline Leander, Ann Falden, David Carlsson och Peter Tegnér. Photo: Johan Haugen

We are recording step by step for our second cd in Gula Studion, Malmö, Sweden.
If you want to we are also on:
ingle number 2 will be released insummer  2014.


Cosmic Wash Over and Trapets music in two films

FUN!!! One of Cosmic Wash Over’s latest songs, Electric Underground, and the soundpiece “Layers” by Trapets, mine and Mats Perssons duo, is going to be in the art documentrary about three artpieces by Fredrik Wretman, Gunilla Klingsberg, Christian Partos beeing installed at Kristianstads Rådhuskvarter for the 500 year jubilée of the city Kristianstad, by Peggy Eklöf, 29 media. The film is ready in the end of may.

Our song Beyond Reason/Konrad, Leander, Carlsson, Knutsson, Persson, originally written to memory of the fantastic Lhasa De Sela, is going to be in the poetic documentrary, 4 Dreams and 1000 demolitions, 29 media.

Beyond Reason (lyrics: Felicia Konrad)

I can feel your energy

pumping in the darkness

and I wanna go there

crying and shaking in this storm

this fever still

riding me,

making me

wanting me to be


Beyond Reason, Beyond Reason, Beyond Reason

Beyond Reason, Beyond Reason, Beyond Reason

I can feel your magnetism

open up my senses

deep poetic inprints

rapterous dancing in your rain

this fever still

riding me

making me

wanting me to be


Beyond Reason, Beyond Reason, Beyond Reason

Beyond Reason, Beyond Reason, Beyond Reason

Beyond Reason, Beyond Reason, Beyond Reason

Beyond Reason, Beyond Reason, Beyond Reason


Cosmic Wash Over 2014 single release in first week of aprile!


Cosmic Wash Over in the staircase of Gula Studion, Malmö, Sweden.
From bottom: Felicia Konrad, Mats Persson, Ann Falden, Caroline Leander,
David Carlsson, Peter Tegnér. Photo: Johan Haugen.

We are recording step by step for our second cd in Gula Studion, Malmö, Sweden.
First Digital Singel Release will happen in the first of aprile 2014!
If you want to listen to last mix
A live version of Electric Underground, and a souly crazy piece; Appetite.

A second single will be released in the end of aprile!


Digital Release Falling Right Through (grandpiano and vocal version)

Right now Digital release of Falling Right Through (grandpiano and vocal version) by me and Caroline Leander, mixed by Mats Persson and mastered by David Carlsson.
on:  itunes  amazon
Spotify: Felicia Konrad
Falling Right Through – Grandpiano and Vocal Version Felicia Konrad ·Caroline Leander

“I met an scientist on the train, working with pallative cancer care that wanted to use this version when she is teaching in university, so It felt really meaningful to put this out to the world with that kind of start! The song is originally inspired from a dance piece, Rooms by Memory Wax  /With Love Felicia

Photo: Peggy Eklöf

Photo: Peggy Eklöf


6/10 14-15 Källan Interaktiv Performance Felicia Konrad, Länsmuseet Västernorrland, Poesifestivalen i Härnösand

Källan1 Källan2

Invigning och inledning av 15-års jubileet av Poesifestivalen i Härnösand

Instruktioner till deltagare i performancen Källan 14.00-15-00, Foajén Länsmuseet Västernorrland, Murberget.

Välkommen till Källan, en interaktiv performance där du deltar med risk för att bli lite blöt!

I performance verket Källan skapar vi poesi och inspiration till poesi genom att leka en lek där vi talar och låter i vatten, med vatten och till vatten. Vi människor består ju själva av 70 % vatten och därför riktar sig verket både till inre och yttre källor! Kanske är vattnet i källan vatten som dinosaurierna har druckit av.

1. Ta av dig skorna och ytterkläder om du vill sätta dig ner på de vita lakanen.

2. Undvik att skvätta ner andra människor som deltar i verket.

3. Vill du ha nytt vatten för att du druckit upp vattnet du har kommunicerat med, fyll på i tillbringarna. Vill du tömma ut en balja med vatten, använd toaletten när du häller ut vattnet, och fyll sedan på ur tillbringarna.

4. När du är färdigt, ställ ev. vattenglas på avsedd plats för disk.

Varma hälsningarFelicia Konrad, röstperformer

Felicia Konrad var en tre initiativtagare till Poesifestivalen i Härnösand som startade 1999, och har genom åren medverkat som projektledare, konfrancier, röstperformer, sångerska och som ledare för workshops i röst för poeter.