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Voice Cloud; workshop and durationell Voice Perfromance 28th of january 2018 at IAC, Inter Arts Center Malmö. Our first workshop with the interactive project Voicecloud. We are; Felicia Konrad, Miguel Cortéz, Anna Fält, Sara Wilén, Brita Björs och Bruno Faria.


okt 2017

Music by Hildegard von Bingen/Garmarna, reciter; Felicia Konrad 1998 now on youtube

This concert has now been uploaded almost 20 years after. It is a very serene and special concert that I am very grateful that I was a part of. The whole idea was initiated by the producer Göran Sjögren, Musik i Västernorrland, who loved the music of the Hildegard von Bingen. 


Follow up workshop at IAC, Inter Arts Center, august 2018, theme deep listening, Pauline Oliveros, with Cecilia Nordlund, Kent Olofsson, and Lisa Nyberg. Initator for the first workshop; Cecilia Nordlund.  



We are preparing for VOICE CLOUD, our Interactive Voiceperformance Concert.
WE = Felicia Konrad and Miguel Cortés. We have recieved grants from Helge Ax:sons Johnsons Stiftelse for material, and we also had a a yes from Inter Art Center, Malmö, to have residence there.

June 2016
I am very happy and grateful! I got sholarship from “Konstnärsnämnden/Music”, The Art Council Sweden this summer. 

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VOICE OG GAS My poetic self august aug 2015 photo: Johan Haugen

VOICE OG GAS My poetic self august aug 2015 photo: Johan Haugen

Aug/Sept participated as Voice of Gas, visting artist/teacher/researcher and as a student in THE BOARDING SCHOOL/The Sisters Academy, Inkonst, Malmö, Sweden.
I worked especially with water and voice. Here is my blogpost from that experience
Film by Christian Jönsson: To carry water. To carry 5890 litres one day

I still live in water is an intuitive art project working with water and with creating in the creation and creating together with creation.

To carry water. To carry 5890 litres one day, was created as a sitespecific 4 hour durational piece for Dome of Visions, Copenhagen, Denmark, by support by Dome of Visions, and Malmö Cultural Support. The piece was performed at the Dome of Visions, 30th of May and recycled again at Ribersborg City Beach the 9th of august, then together with the percussionists: Tina Quartey, Martin Brandqvist, Emeli Ek and Emil Sjunnesson. The journalist and author Catarina Rolfsdotter made the opening speech.

Film number 2 is coming september 2015.
A homepage is coming up  in october 2015.  Til then: facebook

To carry water. To carry 5890 litres at Ribersborg.

In the last last minutes of the 4 hour durational piece To carry water. To carry 5890 litres one day, at Ribersborg beach, 9th of august, 2015. Photo: Johan Haugen


The carrying. 589 10 litres bucket.


The opening at Ribersborg the 9th of august. Photo: Johan Haugen.

February 2015

30/5 2015 I still live in Water at Dome of Visions, Copenhagen, Denmark
More info about the piece that we will present will come here, and on facebook the last week of aprile.


Dome of Visions, Copenhagen, Denmark, december 2014. Photo: Johan Haugen.

Fosterwater:photo: Johan Haugen

Amnoitic Fluid, Felicia Konrad Photo: Johan Haugen

I started: “I still live in Water”, collaborating with
my husband Johan Haugen, artist. It will be a suite of photos, film, soundpieces, and live performance.
It has started out as a intuitive project and develops from there with the intention to work with creating in the creation and creating together with creation.

I will perform a walk with a waterglass on my head, here is a link to the first testfilm, filmed on the beach in my hometown Malmö, Sweden, in the background, Turning Torso (by Calavatra).
My plan is to perform this walk in different places, in different countries, and in different seasons and weather conditions. I also plan to do an invitation to people to walk with me and carry water.

Remember, we are all water in the same ocean. Yoko Ono, Facebook 23 mars 2014.

Here follows some more photos from the first sessions.
All rights reserved! No Copying is allowed.


Standing with waterglass, Felicia Konrad, Photo: Johan Haugen

Felicia Konrad Photo: Johan Haugen

I still live in water – I still sleep in water, Felicia Konrad. Photo: Johan Haugen.

Felicia Konrad, photo: Johan Haugen

Look what the water did now. Felicia Konrad, photo: Johan Haugen


Dreaming wide awake together with the sea. Felicia Konrad photo: Johan Haugen

SEPTEMBER: Continuing to work with WATER IS INSTINCT, an art idea in water; together with
the performance artist Joakim Stampe, Live Action, Gothenburg.
We got lucky, Moderna Museet, Malmö is now an artistic partner. We keep on working for our growing vision with Malmö as a base and more partners! Our bodies are 70% water, water communicates and water is the main issue for our coming life on earth.


OCTOBER: Start for work preparing a durational voiceperformance with the dancer Miguel Cortes, Flytande Galleriet, Malmö.



27th of november I participated in the really intresting Relay Interview, Performanceworkshop with the canadian writer and performanceartist;
Jacob Wren

The workshop focused on participating audience in art/performance.
The over all theme and headline that Jacob Wren have been working with this workshop was “Neutrality and Hospitality”. It was created with great simplicity, two chairs stood in front of a group of chairs. One person got up, sat on one chair, and another one got up and sat down in the other chair opposite. The second person coming up asked the first person a question. The first person chose if it wanted to answer the question. After the answer the first person went back and next person came up and asked a question to the person who asked the first question. So this long line of question became a really intresting and flowing fragmented story and created a strong presence. We did a round freely first, and then in a certain theme.

On the workshop participating was for example also the musician Sofia Härdig, the director Helena Röhr and some students at the Teaterhögskolan. Thank you all of you who was there!



Jag var en tre initiativtagare till Poesifestivalen i Härnösand som startade 1999, och har genom åren medverkat som projektledare, konfrencier, röstperformer, sångerska och som ledare för workshops i röst för poeter.
Numera heter festivalen Poesifestivalen i Västernorrland och omfattar en större geografisk spridning än för 15 år sedan och det varar en vecka!

Felicia Konrad Inledningsjojk på Poesifestivalen i Västernorrland 2013, 15 års jubileum, Länsmuseet Västernorrland, Foto: Pauline Norgren

Felicia Konrad: Inledningsjojk på Poesifestivalen i Västernorrland 2013.
15 års jubileum invgining av festivalen på Länsmuseet Västernorrland.
Foto: Pauline Norgren

6/10 14-15 Välkomna till Källan en interaktiv performance av Felicia Konrad! 

Källan1Inledning av 15-års jubileet av Poesifestivalen i Västernorrland

Instruktioner till deltagare i den interaktiva performancen Källan
Tid: 14.00-15-00 Plats: Foajén Länsmuseet Västernorrland, Murberget.

Välkommen till Källan, en interaktiv performance där du deltar med risk för att bli lite blöt!

I performance verket Källan skapar vi poesi och inspiration till poesi genom att leka en lek där vi talar och låter i vatten, med vatten och till vatten. Vi människor består ju själva av 70 % vatten och därför riktar sig verket både till inre och yttre källor! Kanske är vattnet i källan vatten som dinosaurierna har druckit av.

1. Ta av dig skorna och ytterkläder om du vill sätta dig ner på de vita lakanen.

2. Undvik att skvätta ner andra människor som deltar i verket.

3. Vill du ha nytt vatten för att du druckit upp vattnet du har kommunicerat med, fyll på i tillbringarna. Vill du tömma ut en balja med vatten, använd toaletten när du häller ut vattnet, och fyll sedan på ur tillbringarna.

4. När du är färdigt, ställ ev. vattenglas på avsedd plats för disk.


Beginning of June:
Went to the Live Action festival in Gotheburg.
I was touched deeply by the performances and by the public. A really vibrant focus!


4th of may: The jamming performance network is met in Hammenhög for working with an performance invasion in Hammenhög, invited by the eminent Charlotte Elm Ravn. On the meeting: Charlotte Elm Ravn, Camilla Backman, Malin Astner, Henrik Andersson, Gunnel Pettersson, Håkan Magnusson, Johan Haugen, Noak Haugen Konrad, Carin Dackman, Lisbeth Hagerman, Felicia Konrad.


Fredag 18/1 Solo festival curated by Peter Alfredsson, på Teater Trixter, Göteborg.

Felicia Konrad Röstsolo Earth Love 19.50

On vimeo:

Great festival! Thank you Peter Alfredsson for having us there! Me, and Caroline Leander och David Carlsson took the car together to Gothenburg! Thank you Caroline Leander for the idea of going!

Performance on the 29th of september on the Gallery Night 2012, Malmö

Det här gör vi på Gallerinatten! Info finns även på Tips på Gallerinattens hemsida“Konsten väntar på dig runt hörnet”

Nybildat Malmö baserat performance kollektiv tar plats första gången offentligt utanför Moderna Museet  klockan 20.30-21.00 på Gallerinatten!

En tredjedel av medlemmarna i kollektivet: Mayte Vaos, koreograf och butohdansare, Felicia Konrad; röstperformer och singer/songwriter, Susanne Ovelius, konstnär och performanceartist, Johan Haugen, konstnär, Håkan Magnusson, scenograf och performance artist, Ellen Spens, scenkonstnär, Erik Högström, performance artist och musiker och Charlotte Elm Ravn, scenkonstnär.













Voice solo in a red bucket

The 3ird august at Kulturgjuteriet i Borrby (the circusartist Isak Lindberg’s place) in a support concert for Garageprojektet in Hammenhög, I made Earth Love a voice solo in a red bucket with my red dress. Starting with breathing sounds then exploring further, very fun to perform this, many laugthers and an audience that was completly following.

I will follow this up. More is coming. Talking to water/Talking with water/Talking in water.


Summer: I have started a Performancegroup!!!!!!
20 persons are now in the growing group containing people from all kinds of artistic skills. First performance taking place in the Malmö gallerynight the 29th september.



My performance So this is how you can be walking and falling at the same time, and our artsound duo’s Trapets work, Give me your sound Hammenhög, is now documented in the astonishing book, 2005 Kulturum 2010 ISBN 978-91-977722-3-5.
You can order it at or for instance by it on Malmö Konsthall.
See film from the release of the book